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Al-Muthana Group Company& For Contracting and contracts

We are an Iraqi private company, established, registered and operating in Iraq, dealing with private and public following sectors (Power, Transportation, Industry & Security), operating from our regional office in Jordan.

  • Vision
    Our vision for the Future Company is to become unique in its services that it provides. There for a leading private institution. We strive to achieve this goal through acquiring top advanced, secured services, in line with best practices.

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to provide Government facilities, corporate and clients, with customized high quality and competitive pricing solutions. Through both our ever-increasing and regularly enhanced range of high-tech solutions and our efficient distribution channels, we are committed to delivering world-class products and services that reward our partner, customers, Partners and our personnel.

    Our Values
    Our employees are our greatest asset and resource.
    Our top priority is enhancing the relationship with our clients.
    Transparency is the foundation of our credibility.
    A sense honesty and responsibility are the guidance to our customer service.
    We are committed to continuous research and development.
    Serving all segments of the society is a priority.


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